Cutoffs, sundresses and bikinis – oh my!

Warm weather is quickly approaching, which means summer fashion is right around the corner. If you’ve spent the last several months indoors, you may be concerned about pale skin and looking washed out.

Have no fear, spray tans are here!

Everyone knows that too much sun is bad for your skin, but getting that summer glow doesn’t have to be dangerous anymore. Spray tans are now more affordable and easier to achieve than ever before.

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Follow these tips to become a glistening summer goddess.

  1. Shower right before you go to the salon or see your spray tan professional. (Spray tans are either done via a machine or by a professional with a handheld spray.)
  2. Be sure to shave the day of your spray tan, as shaving the days after may take off some of the color.
  3. Exfoliate in the shower before you go, paying special attention to elbows, knees, shins and feet.
  4. Do not use any lotions, sprays, deodorant etc. after the shower and before you head to the salon. The only lotion you should use is the special kind that your salon or professional will give you to put on your feet, elbows, knuckles, etc. right before the tan.
  5. Wear dark colored clothes and underwear to and from the salon. The color should not get on your clothes, but we like to suggest this just to be safe!
  6. Your salon or professional should let you know the amount of time recommended before you can shower again, but it’s safest to try to wait at least 8 hours. The longer you can hold off the better. (This goes for working out and sweating as well.)
  7. When you do shower in the days after your spray tan, be sure to pat yourself dry – do not rub.
  8. Speaking of showers, do it quickly! Don’t stand directly under the water and let it wash over you. (You know the hotspot areas you really need to wash!!)
  9. Be sure not to drip any type of liquid on yourself in the several hours after your spray tan. We knew someone who got had a spray tan, was eating soup and spilled it on her chest and then had a big blotchy patch! Also avoid the rain. (See: umbrellas, hoodies, etc.)
  10. Use lotion all over your body after every shower you take. Keeping moisturized will help maintain the color.

What other tips do you have to guarantee the best color and life of a spray tan? OR tell us your secret for being summertime ready!