That awkward moment when you realize the longest relationship you’ve ever been in, is the relationship you’ve had with your hairdresser.

Here are three tips to keep in mind for your relationship with your hairdresser:

Pick a hairstylist whose taste is similar to your own

If you both start off on the same page it will help align your hair goals and increase the chances of leaving the salon happy with your look. Sure bright pink hair can be awesome – but if you’re not looking for anything close to that and your hairstylist is rocking it, you may want to rethink how similar your tastes are. Hairstylists are artists and they create art with hair. If you pick a hairstylist who is too edgy you might risk not getting the look you desire.

Pictures are great – but understand what’s realistic

Most people show up to the salon with some sort of vision for how they want their hair to look when they leave. Pictures are great for showing examples of a look you desire, especially in terms of hair color, but understand that the picture was taken for that specific moment. The lightening, wind and environment all played into how that cut and color was photographed. Hairstylists can sometimes find it limiting and challenging to try to mirror an exact look from a picture. Instead try to think of the picture as a guide or blueprint for your hairstylist. If you think of it this way it opens up more conversation to collaborate – bringing you closer to the best look for yourself.

Be open and honest

Few things are worse than leaving the salon and hating your new do. The truth is that getting a cut and color costs money and you are paying for the service. If you aren’t happy or satisfied with the service then you should feel comfortable voicing your opinion. A relationship with your hairstylist should be collaborate, meaning there’s open dialogue and you work together for one common goal. Ultimately you have the final say in how you style your hair and a good hairstylists will understand this. However keep in mind that the hairstylist is the expert. It’s a two-way street and you must learn how to navigate this relationship to get the most benefits out of it.

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