Be Where Your Clients Are…Online

Digital and Social Media Tips You Need to Know

How many times each day do you check out the latest posts on Facebook and Instagram? Chances are if you kept track, you’d surprise yourself with just how much time you spend on social media, and you aren’t the only one. Your customers and potential customers are constantly checking in to see what’s new too.

We can’t emphasize enough how social media and the entire digital world can make or break your business. You should use every tool available to you to keep clients in the loop with what’s new at your business, and show off the amazing work that you do.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of all things digital.

Social Media: Make it Seamless

Integrating social media with your business should seem to be effortless and seamless. Social icons should be on your business cards, website and signage. Encourage your customers to check-in on social channels to let all their friends know where they’re taking a class, or getting their makeup done. If you post a picture (*note this will only work on Instagram) tag your customer in it. This way if they repost it to their Instagram account, your business name will appear.

Social should feel natural. Your customers will recognize anything that appears to be forced. No matter what you post, keep your brand voice top of mind.

Facebook – Keep it Updated. Keep it Engaging.

This is still the most popular social network out there for your clients and customers. Make sure you update your page daily, but write something funny or engaging for your audience to connect with. Not to get too technical, but Facebook’s algorithm gives preference to posts that receive more engagement because they appear to be more relevant. So, the takeaway is to post what your audience will connect with the most. Focus on quality instead of quantity.

Instagram – Save it for Stunning Images.

Since Facebook purchased Instagram, this social platform no longer displays posts based off of what time they were posted, but on an algorithm. Since Instagram is such an image focused app, save this for your absolute best work. Update this a few times a day, give your followers a glimpse into what your day visually looks like and build your brand story.

Pro Tip: Use an app similar to VSCO before you post. It will allow you to see what your Instagram profile will look like with new photos without adding them to your real Instagram feed. This will keep you from posting too many images in a row with a different background or contrasting colors, and keep your page on brand.

Email: Use it Wisely.

Most inboxes are bombarded with emails from sunrise to sunset, but email can be an important conversion tool. The first key is to let your clients know what they are signing up for. Do you send emails once a month, every other week, or on Mondays? Let your customers know what to expect from you and keep your schedule consistent.

Secondly, headlines are everything. Give your newsletter subscribers something that catches their attention. If your headline reads “June Newsletter” it’s not going to inspire the amount of opens, you were hoping for.

Last, keep your emails to the point. Most of your customers read and answer emails from their cell phone, so don’t keep them scrolling endlessly to find the deal they were expecting to read about at the beginning of your email.

Apps: Keep Up with the Times.

Your website, social media profiles and monthly emails aren’t the only digital tools you need in your marketing arsenal. Invest in checking into new apps and tools that have hit the market about once a month. If you need help getting started, check out our recap of five must-have beauty apps for professionals.

Let us know how you stay on top of the newest digital trends and how they’ve impacted your business in the comments!