MyStylin is a mobile app designed to give health and beauty businesses a modern way to promote themselves. Using the app, customers find deals and promotions for only the health and beauty genre. As a business owner you have control of when and what promotions you want to offer on the app. Next customers come into your business, show you the deal on their phone and you honor the deal. All money exchange is handled through you and your customer.

Why Use MyStylin App?

  • The customer finds a deal using the mobile app and redeems it by showing you at your place of business. There is no in-app purchase like other apps and businesses out there and MyStylin takes 0% of your sales.
  • There is no need to hit a minimum number of purchase goals in order for customers to redeem your promotion. You can start making money right away.
  • When you register your business, your information will be displayed in the app on its own screen. Customers can find your business and all the promotions related only to you.
  • Your customers can “favorite” your business in the app. Any promotion communication that you enter into the app will be sent to your loyal customers via a push notification — giving you another way to stay top-of-mind and in communication!

What Makes MyStylin App Better Than The Others?

  • Since customers are coming directly to your door to redeem the deal, they are paying you directly as well. MyStylin doesn’t take any money from customers.
  • You can schedule your promotions and deals to start and stop at specific dates and times. If it is a slow day and you want to enter a deal from only 1 – 5PM, you can. The mobile app will only display it during your scheduled times. You control everything!
  • Since the MyStylin app only shows health and beauty promotions, our analytics track exactly what users are looking for including button presses, times that users are searching for promotions and the categories that they are searching for.
  • Customers who favorite your business can receive push notifications when you release a new promotion.

Why Use MyStylin App Now?

MyStylin App is giving away five free deals for each business. Signup and use your deals free until Spring 2017! Right now is the perfect time to test out another marketing tool for free! There’s nothing to lose!

What’s Next?

Signup and create an account for MyStylin. Register your business, decide your promotion and publish the deal. Next educate your employees about the process of how MyStylin mobile app works. They should know that customers will be redeeming your promotions with the app.

Now sit back and watch new and returning customers come in through your doors to redeem your offers! It’s that easy!

Have a question? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

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