Perfection or Bust!

Everything has to be just right before I can (insert dream here). This is the potential enemy of every new entrepreneur or any project that needs to get off the ground. Whether you are a hairdresser who wants to run their own salon, a craft brewer who wants to create the newest bacon flavored beer, or just a couple of developers who have a smart idea for a new app…. There was a defining moment, the one deep within yourself when you realized you could create something or perform a service better than the next guy or gal down the

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Why MyStylin App is a Smart Marketing Move

MyStylin is a mobile app designed to give health and beauty businesses a modern way to promote themselves. Using the app, customers find deals and promotions for only the health and beauty genre. As a business owner you have control of when and what promotions you want to offer on the app. Next customers come into your business, show you the deal on their phone and you honor the deal. All money exchange is handled through you and your customer. Why Use MyStylin App? The customer finds a deal using the mobile app and redeems it by showing you at

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